Many people dream of spending their old age overseas but for Expats life overseas is already par for the course with many returning back to their home countries to spend their twilight years. But wherever you plan to retire, it is important to get your financials in order with robust retirement planning.

A lot of expats have complicated pension issues, having accrued state pensions across multiple countries it can be difficult to work out the best course of action for moving a UK Pension overseas, or repatriating an overseas pension. Again, sadly there are many unscrupulous companies that target expats with terribly packaged Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes, or QROPS for short, and it can be almost impossible to find honest impartial advice.

Equally, those that do not have state pensions to move around will likely want to develop their own funds to cover their living expenses and hopefully allow for an Early Retirement. For the most part, Pension Planning will form the backbone of your Investment Portfolio and Investment Planning strategies.

Planning for retirement is something that everyone of working age should be working towards but this is all the more true for expatriate workers given that most expatriate workers move overseas for career opportunities and often give up the stable private and state pension plan payments in the process. For many expat workers the burden of financial security in old age falls on themselves.

This category looks at the details of planning for retirement, either at the typical age, or earlier. The basic mathematics behind any retirement calculator show that any person that is dedicated enough in their planning and lifestyle can achieve the option to retire much earlier than the state pension age of most countries.

There are many theories around planning for your old age that this category will cover in more detail, such as the widely regarded 4% safe withdrawal rate from your retirement portfolio, and portfolio re balancing. But for those still in active employment there are many things that you can do to either bring your date closer or provide a greater volume of passive retirement income for you and our family in old age.

Early retirement planning is simply a matter of saving for your old age as early as possible and managing your investment portfolio over time, whilst living within your means and developing sound financial habits. The cornerstones of any such planning are to ensure a solid savings plan and well balanced portfolio of investments that can produce a passive income from your capital nest egg.